Edible Flowers

Here's a quick list of edible flowers:

Asian Greens
Wild Garlic
Lemon Scented Geranium
Narcissus Jonquil
Sweet William

Confessions from a Flower Addict


Confession time. It's not even something I realized. Certainly not ashamed in any way but it's a confession, nevertheless.

I love flowers.

Bizarre I know and not much of a revelation. But, I realized recently that I just can't live without them. Want them in the house - at all times. In the garden, all year long. And after cooking a decent meal, I want the fragrance of fresh flowers to infiltrate the house promptly, otherwise I become quite agitated.

Baby Squash I Bought to Eat and Did Not Like At All


There are more squash, zucchini squash in particular, in the garden then I know what to do with. As per usual, I'm not keeping up with the harvesting as much as I should. But, I happened upon some adorable, teeny-tiny, zucchini squash whilst shopping and I simply could not resist. I justified the purchase by convincing myself I never catch my plants producing zucchini so small. Mine seem to come out looking like a baby's leg once the flower sprouts.

Got the package home and was so excited as they were going onto the grill. Cute little things, no bigger than the size of a little finger, roasted beautifully on the grill. Couldn't wait to taste them. Got them on the plate next to my grilled turkey patty and some adorably roasted cherry tomatoes. Good eating is all my belly kept saying. Boy oh boy was I hungry. First bite was the turkey patty. Yummy yum yum. Next came the tomatoes whose juice made an incredibly flavorful pool of sauce on my plate. Just the right amount of garlic and a few herbs. They were sweet and delish! Satisfied, I casually slipped one of the zucchini into my mouth and suddenly stopped. My eyes frowned and sent a signal to my stomach to hold on a bit. The tongue said bitter and that was not what the eyes had in mind. We all needed to try it again. The second bite was the same and then my stomach advised the rest of the senses not to bother. Mission aborted and no need for a third bite. My heart was stunned and my eyes were confused.